Travel to Kenya In December

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Travel to Kenya In December

Travel to Kenya might be achieved during any month of the year, but it is most frequently intended for in December. If it is the coldest and driest month of the year, travel to Kenya in December, but it is the best time to relax and revel in the Kenyan shores and wildlife. Go to Kenya from the UK during this period is even more fun because it’s going to be perfect for holidaymakers to enjoy the beach and the countryside.

Hot Kenya became the most popular destination amongst tourists all Around the World.

There are a variety of destinations in Kenya that can be obtained by travelers during this period. Significant spots include Mombasa, Lamu, Tsavo, and Nairobi. Visitors will be amazed to see that the tourist season isn’t in January or February as most believe but in December.

In Africa, the only time of the year is warmer than the other months in December, and it’s also the hottest month.

Because this is a cold country where people are dressed in thick layers of clothes, it’s relatively uncommon to see people enjoying the beaches.

Sunset, Kenya

But this does not imply that the countryside won’t be visited. It will, of course, be used for hiking and seeing the scenery. The weather during December is pleasant and warm. The majority of the tourists come here in December and enjoy the gorgeous weather and gorgeous view.

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It’s the ideal time to explore the country, and besides, it helps to cool down from the scorching heat of the season that is January or February. During this time, tourists will enjoy bird watching, safari tours, safari walking, and whale watching.

Holiday filled with sun and hot climate

It’s known that the ideal time to see Tanzania is from January until the end of November. Nonetheless, this is a seasonal item. It’s not so for Kenya. People enjoy various places in the nation during December, and they are some of the most famous.

One of the popular areas in Kenya during this period is the Masai Mara National Reserve.

This is one of the seven natural wonders on earth which have been designated as World Heritage sites. It had been the home of lions and wild animals for thousands of years, but it’s now protected as a reserve, and it is now a significant tourist attraction.

Giraffes in Safari park in Tanzania

If tourists want to relax, they could take a vacation on Jubilee Beach, Kenya’s largest beach, and among the most visited beaches in the nation. Here they can relax and have fun during their vacation by enjoying a picnic lunch with the kids.

Additionally, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants here to eat and enjoy family and friends. There are some remarkable beaches in Kenya, and one of these is Mombasa, which is highly popular with tourists in Kenya.

Many tourists come here throughout December to take the entire day of the holidays and relax while they sun themselves. It’s a romantic destination, and it’s a fantastic decision to go for a vacation to Kenya during this period.

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Booked holiday, but how about the required documents?

Before traveling Kenya, it is good to take care of vaccines that are good to have while staying in Kenya, but it is also good to check if we have all documents that let us enter the country territory.

The government of Kenya requires to possess a valid passport and approved electronic visa on arrival. No matter which port of entry we choose or how we are going to travel, it is obligatory to have an eVisa.


In the beginning, every tourist need to check is nationality from the passport is on the list of counties that can apply for eVisa to Kenya. The process itself is about completing an online application form with pieces of information as name, surname, email, date of birth, and attaching a copy of passport plus photograph of the traveler.

After those procedures, the applicant has to provide the payment for the fee. It is necessary to print out an approved electronic visa and take it with the passport for a journey.